Escoba de 15

“Escoba de 15” is a traditional Spanish card game popular in Argentina, Spain, Chile, Italy, Uruguay, Portugal and other countries.

Have fun playing with your friends and family this exciting game of skill.

The aim is to score 15 points, with one card of your hand and those in the board. At the end the player who has more “Oros” (gold coins) , cards, sevens and “7 de Oros” (seven of gold), receives points. If a player raises all the cards on the board gets a “Escoba” and adds one point.

The player who reaches 15 points, wins the game.


From 1 to 4 players via WiFi or Bluetooth.
Possibility to add computer opponents with three skill levels.
Built-in player to listen to your favorite music.
Help menu and game rules.
Custom games between players and virtual players remote.
Quick Play with virtual players.
Configurable game speed.
Gameplay fully adapted to the features of the iPhone / iPod Touch / IPad.